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Cheek & Chin Implants

Facial Implants Can be Important Elements for Achieving the "Right" Result

Prominent cheekbones. Smooth and defined necklines. And for men, clean, rugged jaw lines. These are all very attainable through plastic surgery. However, one may have to look beyond the obvious, such as the face lift or liposuction, for the best solution.

When a patient wants more contoured cheekbones and more definition in her neckline, the surgeon can often achieve those results with a face lift, in which we lift and reposition the skin and underlying muscle. However, if the patient's imperfection lies in her skeletal structure, a face lift alone will not correct the problem.

Another example is of a patient who is unhappy with his profile and nose shape. Yes, a rhinoplasty might correct the imperfection. But, again, the person's nose might look too large because his chin is too small in relation to his nose.

In these and many other cases, facial implants help plastic surgeons achieve desired effects.

chin implant & rhinoplasty

How Facial Implants are Done

To insert a facial implant, the surgeon makes a small, hidden incision, lifts the skin and carefully places the implant between the skin and bone. The procedure can be performed simultaneously with a face lift, rhinoplasty or liposuction around the neck. Patients can usually go home about two to three hours after the procedure, and can resume normal exercising in about two weeks. The results are permanent.

While facial implants can be made of natural materials, coming from one's own body, they are usually constructed of solid silicone or porous materials, such as coral or plastic blends. Dr. Korpeck often uses the silicone facial implants. Unlike the liquid form silicone found in some breast implants, solid silicone does not migrate into the body. Joint prostheses, heart valves, and many other implantable devices and commonly used devices are made from solid silicone.

The body will form a light layer of scar tissue over the implant. In rare cases, the scar tissue makes the implant feel unnaturally hard, although this is very unusual in the face when compared with silicone gel filled breast implants.

Today's implants are anatomically designed to fit the facial skeleton. In the past, some facial implant surgery resulted in a false look, but because today's implants are customized, they instead give a subtle, natural look. Doctors today also have flexibility in the size of the facial implant, depending on how pronounced an effect the patient desires.

Ideal candidates for facial implants are in their 20s or older--it's best to wait until the facial skeleton is fully grown and formed--and they must have healthy gums, teeth, and sinuses, to lessen the chance of infection.

Other Facial Augmentation Options

There are other alternatives for enhancing facial augmentation, as well. For instance, multiple fat injections are sometimes used to make cheekbones look more prominent. The advantage is that the fat is taken from the patient's own body. The disadvantages are that some of the fat dies after being injected, and several injections may be necessary to achieve the desired effect. Also, the results may not be permanent. But with good technique, fat can survive up to five years and longer. The degree of fat survival is technique dependant. Surgeons may also elect to perform bone surgery, during which they reposition the bone to achieve the desired result.

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