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Secret Lives of Women: Plastic Surgery Addicts 2 illustrates how women are willing to experience pain for a new look. In my case, I have experienced discomfort several times for a new look. As I reflect on my plastic surgery procedures, I don't have one regretting thought. In fact, I would undertake my plastic surgery procedures all over again. Many people classify me as an addict. If I am an addict, then I have no plans to seek rehabilitation. The results of my plastic surgery have been amazing. My breasts and lips feel natural and look amazing. Most importantly, my Native American features are still evident.

When WE tv approached me to reveal my plastic surgery story, I was not hesitant at all. Regardless of the show, I would have proceeded with my plastic surgery endeavors. However, it was time to share my story. Many people battle with the decision on whether to undergo plastic surgery. I'm here to inform you that plastic surgery doesn't take anything away from you. Instead, plastic surgery will improve your beauty by augmenting areas you believe need improvement. A risk exists every time we walk down an unfamiliar path. However, I am the most conservative person. Yet, I am willing to place all bets on plastic surgery because I know the outcome will be in my favor.

Plastic surgery provides tangible and intangible benefits. My breast augmentation and lips procedure enhanced my internal and external sexiness. My new breasts complement my curvaceous figure, while my new lips add a seductive look. Unlike most women, I don't flaunt my breasts. Instead, I flaunt my increased confidence gained from plastic surgery. Everyone asks if I will have more plastic surgery in the future. And the answer: "Of Course!" I would be a fool not to invest in more plastic surgery. Additional surgery will skyrocket my confidence to a more extreme level.

Yes, plastic surgery substitutes exist for certain procedures. However, plastic surgery can be the only choice in certain cases. Furthermore, plastic surgery can provide faster results. Some people have stated, "Why not join a weight training program to firm your breasts?" I would've lost time and money if relied on weight training to enhance the perkiness of my breasts. Weight training would not have provided me with the same results as my breast augmentation.

Still, many people don't know about my secret life. When I returned to teaching at the university, many faculty members have stated, "There's something different about you." Faculty members struggle with identifying the change. And I believe they cannot locate the difference because my confidence surmounts my procedures. However, I have nothing holding me back to publicize my surreptitious makeovers. Plastic surgery is an individual decision. Thus, plastic surgery is my decision. I have never taken anyone's dissenting opinion under consideration. I know what makes me happy, and I know how to make me happy. So no one can persuade me from reaching my happiness. And the more plastic surgery I undertake, the happier I become.

My family and friends have been 100% supportive. In particular, my dad and mom continue to endorse my plastic surgery convictions. Even though my brother opposed my procedures, he still encourages me to seek out what makes me happy. After seeing the beautiful results, many family members and friends have expressed high interest in receiving plastic surgery for themselves. I represent the poster child of "great plastic surgery results."

Although there are many plastic surgeons available, Dr. Korpeck positions himself as a distinguished artist and assiduous board-certified physician. Dr. Korpeck and his staff have shown great concern and care during my pre-op and post-op visits. I don't perceive Dr. Korpeck and his staff as another plastic surgery office. Rather, Dr. Korpeck and his staff feel more like a family because of their nurturing environment.

When combining my independence, confidence, intelligence, outgoing personality and beauty, I am a total package. Since I am a total package, I entered a new world of dating. I won't settle for the average guy. Why should I? Many women can't offer all of my qualities. Unfortunately, I have come across a lot of insecure men in the past month. These men express their insecurity once I reveal who I am. An insecure man and a secure woman don't mix well. So now, men have become disposable until they prove to be supportive, secure, intelligent, sincere and understanding. After all, I an entitled to become the recipient of a total package.

You may detect a high level of arrogance in this blog. It's not arrogance. It's confidence. It's a realization on who I am. I'm a proud woman. I'm a proud Native American. I'm a proud educator. I'm a proud plastic surgery addict.

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